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How it started…

The truth is as a 35 year old professional women, wife and mother I had reached a point where I wanted to change. I felt frustrated at my lack of progress, feeling uncomfortable in my clothes, not finding the time to focus on me and letting life take over. I let myself go, desperately wanting to take back control but never quite gaining any real momentum or seeing any results through the gym. I had to do something different.

I had always considered myself a strong willed determined person, so I kept asking myself why couldn’t I master my health and body and live the lifestyle I wanted to?

My body and hormones were changing and it felt harder to stay in shape. I was confused about nutrition, what to eat when and how much …

My realisation

When I was in my 20’s it all seemed easier, I felt more motivated and enthusiastic, I didn’t worry about my body or health so much, entering a gym wouldn’t feel so intimidating and I wouldn’t feel so lost and unsure what to do…

But suddenly life in my 30’s things changed, I had less time, more responsibilities, finding myself constantly reaching for the coffee to give me energy and snacking on quick food on the go that I knew wasn’t healthy. I was prioritising work and family over ME! My body and hormones were changing and it felt harder to stay in shape. I was confused about nutrition, what to eat when and how much and I didn’t want to sacrifice everything I liked. I enjoyed my meals out and a glass of wine, I really needed to find balance. The breaking point for me came when I went away with my husband for a Spa weekend, whilst getting changed I looked in the mirror and my heart sunk, I felt bloated, swollen and didn’t like what I saw, my wobbly bits felt worse than ever and I didn’t want to go on feeling like this, enough was enough.

Looking at the future ahead and going into my 40’s, 50’s and beyond I want to be that strong women who can stand up to what life throws at me.

I want to be that healthy role model for my 2 and half year old daughter Gracie-Mae and feel attractive and confident in my career and in my personal life.

The first steps on my journey

After a lot of soul searching, I eventually realised I needed help, so I invested in an online female coach to show me the path, get clear on what I needed to do and follow a plan. Through having a coach myself I realised there is a miss conception that weights make you bulky, I learned that focussing on strength training actually means keeping my curves, seeing definition and not having to pound on treadmill for hours or starve yourself, there is another way change your body.

I began to learn I can still eat what I want, have the odd glass of wine, I started to understand my relationship with food and moderate my cravings whilst still losing body fat and eating out at my favourite restaurant from time to time, a girls got to enjoy her life right!

Over time I tracked my progress and I started to see the results I wanted, did I look like an athlete? No, that wasn’t my goal, but I saw a noticeable change in my shape in the mirror. I lost 12lbs in 12 weeks but more than the weight felt like I was gaining control back and finally prioritising me again, feeling confident in my skin.

Did I look like an athlete? No, that wasn’t my goal. I WAS gaining control back and feeling confident in my skin.

Through this journey and my own transformation, women of steel was born.

We designed Women of Steel to give back and help other women in the same position as me, a program structured around mind-set, strength & conditioning and nutrition coaching specifically design for busy women over 30.

When designing Women of Steel we realised that the truth is women should not train the same as men, they have a different hormonal and physiological make up, so both their training and their nutrition should be unique to them.

I know as a Women we also want different things, we don’t want big biceps or big rounded shoulders, but what we do is to feel firmer with a toned bum and tummy. I personally never wanted big muscles, just to feel lean, energised, healthy and confident to wear what I wanted and not feel inhibited when I was wearing my bikini on the beach or my summer dress for a special occasion.

Become a Woman of Steel

If you are struggling to see the results you want, your confused about what training to do, what food to eat but your determined to make a positive change, feel stronger and fit back in your favourite black dress. Achieving this as part of a supportive community of inspiring women on the same journey, then Women of Steel could be for you. Click the link, fill in the application form and we will arrange a day and time to chat through at our training facility the Coliseum in Broadwater Worthing.

Lisa Griffiths

Women of Steel



The Coliseum is possibly one of the most unique training facility’s on the South Coast. Equipped with a treatment room, changing rooms, showers and air conditioning and heating for those winter icy mornings!

The perfect environment for us to help you become fitter, stronger and healthier.