New Woman Centred Podcast

Coming in the Autumn

Women of Steel with Miriam Grace podcast

Contributing author to Queering Gestalt Therapy, Miriam Grace, will be launching her new podcast in the Autumn.

Therapist Miriam Grace talks to women about their lives through a series of interviews with remarkable women, and discussions with colleagues.

Recorded in Sheffield, the UK’s City of Steel, ‘Women of Steel’ tells stories that challenge the power of the status quo by validating the voices of marginalised or disadvantaged women and exploring their capacity to create meaning within their lives.

Compassionate, joyful, wise, honest and irreverent, Miriam and her guests celebrate ways in which women endure. Through the psychotherapist’s lens the podcast focuses on the idea that unique, personal roads of self reflection become a strength which women can utilise and build upon.

Miriam Grace is a psychotherapist and author with 35 years experience. Find out more about Miriam and her therapy at Blue Skies.

Queering Gestalt Therapy

Queering Gestalt Therapy

Chapter 6. 'Selfish and Destructive': Where does the late-in-life lesbian seek therapeutic support?
by Miriam Grace
Ayhan Alman (Editor), John Gillespie (Editor), Vikram Kolmannskog (Editor)

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